Academic and Career Entrance (ACE)


The Academic & Career Entrance Certificate Program is provincially recognized as equivalent to Grade 12 for the purpose of admissions to all Ontario Colleges in pre-apprenticeship, apprenticeship and post-secondary programs. It is also recognized by many employers. Essential employability skills have been identified by Human Resources Development Canada and the Conference Board of Canada as an essential component to learning and are included in academic activities via workshop settings/ group projects, presentations, and individual coursework. These skills include: Working with Others, Thinking Skills,Problem Solving Skills, Decision Making, Positive Attitudes or Behaviours and Adaptability. MANDATORY COURSES: Communications - ACE COMM-0006 Mathematics Fundamentals - ACE MATH-0010 ELECTIVE COURSES: (Select two of the following) Biology - ACE BIOL-0004 Chemistry - ACE CHEM-0004 Computers - ACE COMP-0002 Physics - ACE PHYS-0006 Self-Management - SKLS-0004 Self-Direction - ACE Note: Check with the institution regarding start/end dates, prices, and delivery method. These may vary according to program, section, and/or semester.


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  • Institution: Fanshawe College
  • Program type: Certificate
  • Language: English
  • Course Code: ACE1
  • Attendance: Part Time
  • Delivery: Online Anytime

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