Academic and Career Entrance (ACE)


Do you want to study with Sault College but haven`t finished your high school diploma? Are you are missing a specific Math, English or Science course required to meet College admission requirements? Have you been out of school for a number of years and wish to refresh your skills prior to enrolling in a college program? The Academic Upgrading Program may be the perfect choice for you! We offer you high school course equivalents for College admission in English, math, physics, chemistry or biology courses. You can also refresh your skills to build confidence and preparation for college studies, and even earn your high school equivalency certificate (the ACE certificate) for entrance into college or apprenticeship programs throughout Ontario. As an Academic Upgrading student, your course work is personalized to your skills and goals. Courses are delivered in both traditional and self-paced settings. Our program offers daytime and occassional evening options, and we have year-round intake. All courses typically run September through April, and summer courses in math, English and the sciences run May through August. Program Of Study: The courses for the program of study: Semester 1: ENG 94: ACE Communications Electives: BIO 94: ACE Biology CHM 94: ACE Chemistry CPT 92: Introduction to Keyboarding CPT 93: ACE Computers MTH 94: ACE Core Mathematics MTH 95: ACE Business Mathematics MTH 96: ACE Technical Mathematics MTH 97: ACE Apprenticeship Mathematics PHY 94: ACE Physics SEL 93: ACE Foundations for College and Career Courses are selected based on an individual`s academic goals and course placement. To earn an Academic and Career Entrance certificate (grade 12 equivalency), a student must successfully complete ACE Communications, an ACE Math and two (2) elective courses. Our programs are tuition-free for students meeting our registration requirements. Note: Check with the institution regarding start/ end dates, prices, and delivery method. These may vary according to program, section, and/or semester.


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  • Institution: Sault College
  • Program type: Certificate
  • Language: English
  • Course Code: 8220
  • Attendance: Both
  • Delivery: Online Anytime

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