Introduction to Plant Identification


Introduction to Plant Identification teaches the basics of plant classification and naming using tools such as dichotomous keys and identification manuals. Students will learn identification tips, how to use the binomial naming system, how plants are collected for classification and storage as well as the key plant structures and characteristics used in identification. Students are also given the opportunity to use these tools and become familiar with them through the identification of common evergreen and deciduous trees, shrubs and vines, herbaceous plants, and indoor plants. Designed For: Learners wishing to develop skills to identify plant material in the landscape. Note: Check with the institution regarding start/ end dates, prices, and delivery method. These may vary according to the program, section, and/or semester.


This course is a required core course within the Creating Landscapes Certificate and Diploma, The Horticulturalist Certificate and Diploma, Sustainable Landscapes Certificate, Growing Plants for Profit Certificate. This course is an elective course within the Sustainable Urban Horticulture Certificate.


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  • Institution: University of Guelph
  • Level: University
  • Language: English
  • Course Code: 3100001
  • Delivery: Online Anytime

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